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Because of its high quality of life and relatively low cost of living, Chattanooga has a vibrant arts scene. Its artists show their work in local venues, as well as galleries all over the country.

The following articles take two forms. In the “A Conversation with ….” format, piece is presented in a traditional interview style. “The Art of…” format is based on an extensive interview, but presented as an article on the artists work. There is little qualitative difference between the two, though “The Art of …” approach does allow me a bit more scope in writing about an artists work. 

One final caveat. Artists grow and change. These articles express their approach to making art at the time the piece was published. I have provided the year with each interview in order to make clear at what time the interview was conducted.

The Art of Ellyn Bivin (2014)

Ellyn in her studio

Ellyn Bivin

Having been a printmaker in her early career, Ellyn Bivin has moved in recent years toward monoprints and painting. Her work is characterized by subtly of color, careful composition, and often, humor. Ellyn did a joint show with Renel Plouffe at Graffiti Gallery entitled Texture and Shadow.

See additional work or contact the artist at:Ellyn Bivin


A Conversation with Josiah Golson (2014)

Josiah Golson

Josiah Golson

Josiah is a young artist noted for his energetic line drawings. His work speaks to current events. his passion for music and cinema, and his love for his African-American heritage. A very active member of the art community in Chattanooga, Josiah is involved with numerous organizations and events.

See additional work or contact the artist at: Josiah Golson


The Art of David Jones (2013)

David in front of Warmth of Silence 2

David Jones

David took up painting relatively recently. Primarily a color field artist, he has developed a interesting technique using oil pastel on Hardie Board. He has had artwork purchased by the Univeristy of Tennessee, Chattanooga and has done a substantial commission for Memorial Hospital, in addition to his other sales.



A Conversation with Turry Lindstrom (2014)

Turry Lindstrom

Turry Lindstrom

Turry makes sculptures that seem to be pure energy. Working with plate steel, he creates complex forms that by turns thrust outward or turn inward. In addition to his many other showings, Turry had a one man show at The Northshore Gallery entitled, Fire and Steel.

See additional work or contact the artist at: Turry Lindstrom



A Conversation with James McKissic (2014)

James McKissic photo

James McKissic

James is an artist and prominent member of Mayor Andy Berke’s mayoral administration in Chattanooga. His paintings are colorful, richly symbolic, and influenced by his knowledge of the culture of the African diaspora. He did a joint show, Abstract Expressions, with Larry Young at Graffiti Gallery.

See additional work or contact the artist at:   James McKissic



A Conversation with the Members of Art Nomad (2014)

The Members of Art Nomad --- April Bell, Caitlyn Sciscoe, Jordan Bailey, and Le Le Leseur

The Members of Art Nomad

Art Nomad is a collective of photographers who met at the Atlanta branch of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). They came to Chattanooga to do a special show at Graffiti Gallery. The members have since held both joint and solo shows around the southeast.




The Art of Renel Plouffe (2014) 

Renel Plouffe

Renel Plouffe

Renel is originally from a town just outside Montreal, Canada. She has shown her work at a number of galleries, most recently at Reflections Gallery. Her work displays high energy and careful attention to surface effect. Renel did a joint show with Ellyn Bivin, Texture and Shadow, at Graffiti Gallery.

See additional work or contact the artist at: Renel Plouffe


The Art of Bryan Rasmussen (2014)

Bryan Rasmussen

Bryan Rasmussen

Bryan is an up and coming sculptor who works primarily in steel. A studio assistant for the world renowned sculptor, John Henry, Bryan’s work is simultaneously elegant in form and subtly provocative. He has had a growing number of commissions and installations around the country.

See additional work or contact the artist at: Bryan Rasmussen



A Conversation with Bradley Shelton (2014)

Brad Shelton self portraits-5

Bradley Shelton

Bradley is an architect and photographer. His work exhibits a singular sense of place. Most often shooting in black & white, he likes to explore his subject by creating photo essays. Please Seat Yourself, about Zarzour’s Cafe, became the basis for a show presented at The Northshore Gallery.

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A Conversation with James Tucker (2014)

James Tucker

James Tucker

James is an artist who depicts the natural world along the Tennessee River and city life as he encounters it in his travels. A graduate of the University of Georgia, he has worked in art and written about art for a number of years. He had a joint show with the sculptor, Maria Willison, at The Northshore Gallery. He presently shows at In-Town Gallery in Chattanooga.

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A Conversation with Maria Willison (2014)

Maria Willison

Maria Willison

A rising star in the Chattanooga art world, Maria is a sculptor, 2-D artist, teacher, and studio assistant for the noted sculptor Cessna Dicosimo–all while  still in her twenties. Maria did a joint show with James Tucker, Figuratively Speaking, at the Northshore Gallery. 

See additional work or contact the artist at: Maria Willison


The Art of Larry Young (2013)

Larry Young

Larry Young

Larry is an abstract expressionist whose knowledge of 20th century art is unrivaled. Dividing his time between Chattanooga and Florida, Larry teaches art classes as well as paints. In 2014 he did a joint show, Abstract Expressions, with artist James Mckissic at The Northshore Gallery.