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Self Portrait sketch B
“Self Portrait” Pen & Ink

Starting a blog is a bit daunting. There is no way to run from the sheer ego involved in such an undertaking, and the idea of making regular entries that contain at least some merit certainly give this writer disquieting moments. It is a comfort to know the reader always has a simple defense—he or she can ignore the whole enterprise. It is my hope that the reader will instead enter into a dialogue with me by which we can to delve further into the topics at hand.

For the purpose of this project I define “Art” as loosely as possible, taking it to mean any creative endeavor that includes personal expression. Frankly there is no definition of art that cannot be quickly and easily ripped to shreds. Today all such definitions are personal and this blog will reflect mine. As for the range of subjects covered, that too will be broad. My formal training is in the visual arts but since I am a music lover and a voracious reader this blog will also take those arts as fair game.

One final note. It is not my purpose to offer critical opinion and stand as judge over the work and intentions of others. I very much enjoy the art of many artists. There is a great deal of interesting and thought provoking art loose in the world today and among other goals it will be the intention of these writings to note and celebrate it.

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